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It’s hard to design your website and marketing campaigns around the buyers who’ll bring you business if you don’t know anything about who they are. That’s where the importance of building buyer personas for your business comes in. We help you research and organize clear pictures of who your website visitors and potential buyers are, in order to develop more informed marketing segmentation, content mapping, and lead nurturing strategies for your business.

Content Strategy

Having quality content on your website is vital to getting visitors to it. Your site’s content should be not only well-written, but each piece should be a well-thought-out part of an overall content strategy. Your strategy for creating and promoting content should be based on your audience or target clientele, and your data. Digital Distinction can help you develop better content and create a plan to promote it that will connect with your audience.

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Competitive Analysis

Finding the right competitors to your brand, understanding how they marketing themselves, and knowing what products or services they offer is a useful way to get an idea of where your company stands in the competitive market. Competitive analysis also provides valuable information to consider in order to create a realistic content strategy. Digital Distinction offers detailed research into what your competitors are doing and how you can leverage their strategies to benefit your business.

Optimize Your Marketing

Finding ways to optimize anything you do is helpful, especially for businesses with limited resources to dedicate to marketing and lead nurturing. Digital Distinction helps you prioritize and streamline your marketing activities to get the most benefit out of your efforts. We’ll show you which aspects of your marketing strategy you should focus your efforts on to get the most results for your business.

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Katie has helped me build all facets of my business website over the past two and a half years. She has taught me so much in the most professional manner! There were times when she hosted tutorials for me, was quickly available to trouble shoot problems, included photography expertise to brand our store, and was always one step ahead on the cutting edge to help my antique business flourish. I could not be more pleased with her help at each step of the process and have often recommended her professional services to others.

Nina S.

Owner Clinton Shops Antique Center